RL Glossary

AFK – Away from Keyboard – Internet Slang

Anime – A Japanese cartoon, usually drawn much in a much more detailed manner than Western cartoons. Dragonball Z, Serial Experiments Lain, Pokemon, Digimon etc are all Anime. (Note, Anime differs from Manga, which is a Japanese comic)

Autoclicker – A program that will automatically clicks something, be it an advertisement at a Pay-to-click site, or a program that automatically clicks something inside a game.

Battle Royale – A story about a group of High School Students set upon each other by the Japanese government.

Blog – A online journal of sorts.

BRB – Be Right Back – Internet Slang

BRB RL – Be Right Back, Real Life

Computer – See Internet Machine

Decryption – Rendering encrypted data or information readable.

Encryption – Rendering information or data unreadable to other people; or at least those who don’t have the passphrase, cypher or key.

Forum – A piece of software that allows Internet users to post messages to each other. Think message board.

GTFO – 4chan

Head Asplosion – What happens if somebody looks at your mum with no eye protection.

Internet – See Computer

IRC – a type of chat room communication used over the internet, it used to be a lot more popular than it is now.

Internet Machine – See Loop

Loop – See Internet

Japan – That weird looking isle on the side of China.

Manga – Japanese comics.

McAtee – The guy… that runs BRB RL.

Sancrith – a. A virtual world I am in the midst of Designing
b. The language of this world.

Server – An internet-connected computer that hosts content for others to browse.

WordPress – The program that publishes my blog to your interweb 🙂


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