Japanese Warrock Registration Guide

Registration Link:http://warrock.jp/rd/wr_reg_user.html 
Client Download Link:http://seedcweb.nefficient.jp/seedc/warrock_full/WRJPInstaller.exe
Okay, once you click the registration link, you’ll be taken to the following screen:
Warrock Tutorial Image 1
Bascially in order to play JP warrock you need to be signed up to a Japanese gaming service called Lievo, but on the flip side, you only have to sign up for Lievo to get access to all their games (i’ll make another tutorial for them later on).

That should take you to this screen:
Warrock Tutorial Image 2
Just press accept and it will take you to the next page:
Warrock Tutorial Image 3
Fill in the details as noted and you should be fine 🙂(If a X image appears next to one of your forms, it means that you can’t use that password/username/nickname/email)
Press the button at the bottom of the page.
Warrock Tutorial Image 4
This screen is just there to make sure you have inputed the correct details.(Use Google Translate if you think you need to check)
Press OK.
Warrock Tutorial Image 5
That should take you to this page, and you’re done! Just click the link in the confirmation email they sent you, and you can play the game 🙂


~ by Kiter on March 9, 2008.

18 Responses to “Japanese Warrock Registration Guide”

  1. you need to change your proxy to play japan warrock -.-

  2. I did it all but but I can’t login! I need an IP hider.


  4. thats outdate already… bro..

  5. Thanks sooo much, worked perfectly, and the game is awesome

  6. why dosen’t it accept my nickname? email me if u know why at nathangg2@gmail.com

  7. it doesn’t send the email email me the link or something im_a_josh@hotmail.com

  8. cant log in i got account i try log in and then nothing !? why please help!

  9. issit change to japan proxy??

  10. i cant log in the game i press connect and i use my account but than it does not do nothing.It doees not showing to me to choose a nickname.Plz help:(

  11. tnxs

  12. i want to play !!! but its not accept me nickname

  13. Warrock is soooo c0000000l!

  14. Why cant i do it??

  15. add mine Email pleas jordyengowan@hotmail.com

  16. Can u do account email christianandersson1@live.se

  17. hi wont start 😦 who can help?

  18. i have read the coo

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