My week in summary

Grr… busy week, I had an IT Essentials VET (Vocational Education Training, training for careers :)) meeting at Glenunga International High School, and school has been proving a bit hard. The 80 minute+ bus ride is really getting me down; I can never get to sleep by 10:30 to get up at 6:30.

My Bus 

The people on my bus annoy me.

For example, today a woman got on the bus, inserted her ticket in the machine and basically stood in front of the machine, as if that was where she intended to stand for the rest of the ride (and she did intend to stand there). I had to actually ask her to move so the guy behind her could insert his ticket to which she remarked “he can go around”. She was already setting off my “fucking bitch” alarms, but I decided to give her a little credit; it could have been a bad day.
So we got to driving again, and a few corners later she basically fell onto me (I was sitting in the baggage rack across from the ticket machine). She got up and promptly blamed the teenage girl sitting in the seat next to the machine, and bullied the girl out of her seat.
It took all my strength of will to not push her down the step as she left the bus.

School Itself

School has been fairly easy, lots of my lessons haven’t really shown me anything new.

IT: Communications Systems is basically just covering how business communicate and what systems they use to communicaete. All the information for my assignments I have been able to get out of my textbook.

Geography has been pretty easy; Mr Caretii will give us the sheet, tell us its for homework and then he will show us all the answers for the next week. Also he is easily distracted with questions; one questions has averaged out to last him 7.5 minutes.

English, I’m doing Level Design and Electronic games at the moment. ’nuff said.

History is fairly boring; I already know what I want to know about Australia; I want to know about other countries histories! Federation and Australia in World War One is what we covered last year. And the year before. And the year before.

Science. Meh, soundwaves microwaves beachwaves uberwaves radio-electro-magnetic waves.

Note to self #005: Mitchem girls school and Unley whatever school get out of school at 2:25, so there should be alot of seats empty.

Note to self #006: Friday afternoon the bus will always be packed; today I got on early (Which means I was lucky enough to get myself the baggage rack as a seat…) and about 15 minutes after I got on the bus it was full and no longer accepting new boarders. (When I say full I mean that the aisle was packed all the way back to the backseat)

Oooh, I have D&D tomorrow :3


~ by Kiter on February 15, 2008.

One Response to “My week in summary”

  1. Man, I hate it when my “fucking bitch” alarm goes off. It usually does in science class.
    What’s D&D mean? I think I know but I want to be sure.

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