Windows Shortcuts You Probably Never Knew

 (This list is for window users… I haven’t got a Mac or a Linux box :()WinKey + R = Opens the run dialogue.WinKey + D = Minimizes everything and takes you to the desktop.WinKey + E = Brings up Windows Explorer.WinKey + F = Brings up the Search window.WinKey + L = Brings up the Windows Welcome screen (Does not actually log you off)WinKey + U = Brings up the utility manager screen (Accessibility options like Screen Magnifier, Narrator, Screen Keyboard etc) Microsoft Office: Word Shortcuts

CTRL+1 — Single SpacingCTRL+2 — Double spacingCTRL+5 — 1 1/2 spacing

Shift+F3 — Toggle case 

-Big Thanks to Deezone for telling me about those 🙂 – Kiter

Alt + F = Open File Menu

Alt + E = Open Edit Menu

Alt + V = Open View Menu

Alt + I = Open insert menu

Ctrl + D = Font Menu

Ctrl + S = Save

Alt + 


      WinKey is an abbreviation I use for the key between the Ctrl and Alt buttons in the bottom left hand corner of your keyboard.


~ by Kiter on February 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Windows Shortcuts You Probably Never Knew”

  1. this Scuts. . are cool. . . tnx for the info

  2. Helpful ones for Word:

    CTRL+1 — Single Spacing
    CTRL+2 — Double spacing
    CTRL+5 — 1 1/2 spacing

    Shift+F3 — Toggle case

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