Review: America’s Army

Yes, that big marketing tool of the United States of America’s Army.

For those of you not in the know, America’s Army is a game produced by the US Department of Defence as a device to get teenagers to enlist in one of the Armed Forces, though the Army is the most heavily pushed.
Imagine a cross between Counter Strike and Battlefield 2. It is a game of strategy and difficulty, a game where death can be in the first 15 seconds when one of the opposing forces deploys a grenade launcher against you, leaving you as a spectator for the rest of the game. I find the system of classes in the game very interesting, as you have to do specific training to unlock certain classes, like Marksman training to get Sniper, Medical training to get the Medic class role (I cheated on this I admit), and Airborne and Special Forces training to unlock the SF maps.

The gameplay can get very annoying as many of the players are complete and utter (for lack of another word) noobs. Team killers, chat spammers (I don’t mind people using the chat, but when you read “Ubrekilr, cn I swp 4 Sniper?” seventeen times in a row, you will get pissed. I guarantee it.), multitudes of inactive players (They spawn at the start point and the enemy doesn’t know they are there), and people who take medic roles and do not heal.
Aside from this, I have found the game play to be awesome, as long as your team knows what they are doing and what their class means they should be doing, viz. Grunts at the front, medic and Automatic Rifleman (Machine gunners) behind them, and snipers covering from afar (Some snipers manage a front line role well, but others get themselves sniped almost straight away).
Another flaw I found with the game is the loathsome bloat of the game files. To go from 2.8.0 to 2.8.2 I had to download over a gigabyte of patches, which really is just very bizarre.

Anyway, make up your own mind and try it sometime; hell, you might even enjoy it.

7 Silver Snowmen out of 10.


~ by Kiter on February 2, 2008.

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