Free WordPress/Blog Hosts

A few people around have been looking for hosts that can use ad’s with, so I am compiling a list (This isn’t complete just yet)

No website placed ad’s (at least that I have seen) : (Blogertery allows Adsense as long as they get 10%; sounds good to me) (They put a link in your footer; that is the line of text at the bottom of the page that usually has your copyright)

Paid Blog Services: (One of the best system’s I have seen) (You have to use Fantastico to install Wordpres; I’m writing a tutorial on how to do this) (A list of WordPress hosts; they all seem fairly cheap)

Ways to get traffic: (Put your blog link in and it tells several blog indexing sites to check your site for posts) (Apparently this works, haven’t got enough clicks so far(Theres also an autoclicker somewhere on the internet, keep it under your hat)) (Pingates uses this system) (An interesting article on one of the ways you can publicize your site) (They pay you 30% for each referral you give them. Or something like that anyway)


~ by Kiter on February 2, 2008.

3 Responses to “Free WordPress/Blog Hosts”

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  2. Hey,
    Do you happen to know whether there’s any WP based free blog allowing its users to park their own domain? (like on but the script over there sucks :/)

  3. great pinger list

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