New School… Gragh… (Or… Chin Bruises and New People)

Just started at CBC (Christian Brothers College) on Wednesday, it has proven to be very… enlightening. (CBC is a single-gender school)

What follows is a brief summary of the last two days:

First day:

  • Got up at 6:45 to leave home at 7:30
  • Got Mr Cox as a Homegroup Teacher (We Love The Cox)
  • Got to school and sat alone with Kieran until Jordi (Somebody else who had transferred from our school the year before) arrived at school.
  • My IT teacher seems a little weird, I’ll try to get a video of him sometime…. Thats the only way he can be described. He kind of rages off on tangents that only he can follow.
  • MY RE teacher asks our class questions just so he can say how he is related to the topics. IE, “What heritage do you have?” and “What do you like doing in your spare time?”
  • The canteen sells out by the third quarter of recess, and the first half of lunch.

Second day:

  • Up at 6:45 again, looks like it will be recurring.
  • I realise that I am seeing new faces in every class. I mean, like people are joining that class since I left it.
  • If we don’t go on the Duke of Edinburgh award camp, we get expelled.
  • I have started learning the groups of students I sit with in class. Well, I know some of their names.

Third day:

  • Up at 6:30, even better.
  • Caught a bus to Mt Barker then to Adelaide.
  • Met some interesting new people; Luke and Sebastian who are in my English class. Seb plays bass in a band and likes heavy metal while Luke likes Punk rock.
  • I walked into the wrong class and ended up spending twenty minutes there until I realised that Work Education is not Science 😛
  • Spend 80 minutes on topography…. Learnt it all last year so more than a tad boring. Zack made me laugh heaps though.
  • Got halfway back to Mt Barker before I realized that I’d left a majority of my homework, my diary, my pencil case and my notebook at school on top of my locker. FUCK.
  • And its friday, so it is going to be there all weekend.

~ by Kiter on February 1, 2008.

One Response to “New School… Gragh… (Or… Chin Bruises and New People)”

  1. Enjoying going to an all boys Christian school? Sounds like a barrel of fun. Knowing quite a few people who attend one, I can only speculate as to just how long it takes for the “quirks” of a religious education to become “epic pains in the ass” (not intended as an innuendo, though I imagine they’ll start cropping up thick and fast now you’re a “Christian Brother”).
    The civil service and learning involved in the Duke Of Edinburgh award are swell and all but making it compulsory is a bit rich.

    BRBrl: Sorry for editing your post, but I couldn’t really respond any other way. Yeah, the RE has became a vast annoyance as my RE teacher is a believer in the “Why would we still talk about somebody 2000 years later if they didn’t exist?” theory. The Duke of Edinburgh award is going to be useful, but I would rather accomplish it on my own without the school. (The jokes are already cropping up, although a majority of the ones are from my friends and I who have just arrived :)) Thanks for the comment!

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