Notes to self #003-004

NTS #003:
When you are little, questions asked by children are answered as helpfully as possible by parents.

“Dad, how does wood burn?”
“Well Timmy, wood burns because of a chemical reaction that occurs within the wood which turns the Carbon inside it into Carbon dioxide”

When you are a teenager, the same questions are regarded with deep seated suspicion. And rightly so.

“Dad, how does wood burn?”
“WHAT? Are you planning to light something on fire? Thats bad James, bad! Do we have to go to the counselor again?”

NTS #004:
As you get older, your knowledge of medication grows.

“Oh, well I take a calcium supplement every day and take fish oil at night to keep myself healthy”
“Fish oil?!? That stuff does nothing, what you really want is Liquid ala Snake”
“Pft, all I know is,
Xeno-ox-oglobic-orifen has not only cured my cancer, but I swear I have a little hair than I did yesterday!”

And so forth…


~ by Kiter on January 28, 2008.

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