Another one bites the dust (And a Battle Royale Review)

Reading: Battle Royale
Listening to: my rother

Hmm… Heath Ledger died of something, the news didn’t really specify what. Quite sad, since he was a mainstream Australian actor from which I only saw one movie with him in it.
Update: I lied, I saw A Knight’s Tale and part of Two Hands as well. I think that the police concluded Ledger had accidentally overdosed on prescription medication.

Anyway, Battle Royale is really worth reading, I bought it yesterday for $35 AUD. Basically it is about a class of Year 10 students who are dumped on an island and told to kill each other by Japan’s fictional Communist Government (There can be only one winner). What follows is a lord-of-the-flies style read of groups of students forming and dissolving throughout the book. Of particular interest to me is the distrust spreading between the students as they realise that only one person is going to get off the island alive.

Pretty gory though; eyes popping kind of thing.

10/10, definitely worth reading. (600+ pages)


~ by Kiter on January 23, 2008.

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