Serial Experiments Lain

Just watched the first episode of Serial Experiments Lain….. I am seriously weirded out. I was in a good humor before I watched it, but now I have been psychologically affected by it, but i’m not really sure how. I’m not saying this is a bad thing.

Serial Experiments is an anime ( see the new glossary page) that is highly alternative and abstract. It covers a Japanese Schoolgirl called Lain, who is contacted by one of her classmates who has just committed suicide. She claims that she is not really dead, and that she lives on in the Wired (read: Internet). The series basically covers Lain’s journey into finding out the truth about her friend and the Wired world.

(I’ll add more information when I finished watching the two discs I have; I’ve already read all the summaries of the episodes.)

BTW, I have actually had these DVD’s for about a month now, I just haven’t bothered to watch them as I thought they were the second DVD’s in the series while they are actually the first.


~ by Kiter on January 20, 2008.

One Response to “Serial Experiments Lain”

  1. SEL is freakin’ awesome. The only caveat I will give is that it was the last thing I watched before entering my first ever major depressive episode. Then again, I’m probably just weak-minded.

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