In the Interest of Human Interest…. err

I was browsing an autoclicker (a program that automatically clicks something for you, usually in the pursuit of wealth) forum for, well, autoclickers about an hour ago when I found an interesting post concerning charity. FreeRice is a game where for every correct answer you give, the company that owns the website will donate 20 grains of rice to the UN (So far over 13 billion grains of rice have been donated). The game involves guessing the meaning of the word displayed at the top of the page, ie, the synonym of wan being palid.

Anyway, the post in question contained an autoclicker programmed for JustRice which has proven to be most successful (I myself have donated over 40-50 thousand grains of rice so far today.In order to use the script, you need firefox and greasemonkey: this script:

And whenever you are on the FreeRice page, it will automatically click šŸ™‚

Updated: I also found out that a human needs 20,000 grains of rice a day to live, so get clicking! I got a few hundred thousand grains in the last week!


~ by Kiter on January 11, 2008.

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