Money from the internet, lulz

I have previously been aware of get-paid-to-click sites on the internet, but I only just found out how to make a profit from them when my friend started the above blog… and showed me the autoclickers (Software that will automatically click adds when they appear) for the get paid-to-click sites.

I signed up for the service, and watched my money go up, cent by cent, when I read on the website: I get a cent for every cent my referrals make…. interesting…

Instead of taking the time and social interaction to make new friends, I simply make more accounts using web proxies I found from here, used email addresses from here ( doesn’t send a verification email) and followed the instructions found on the autoclicker forum and inserted a proxy IP (fake internet address) into each account. This means my money will go like this: Number of ad’s viewed x 0.01 cents +(number of ad’s my “referrals” view x 0.01 cents) x 2.
This has made me about 7-8 dollars USD so far (about 9 AUD in a day) which although it doesn’t seem like much, is going to build up.

More information will come on this.


~ by Kiter on January 10, 2008.

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