*Gasp* Employment, and the shock Fraternal RP geek

Currently Reading: The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson

Currently Listening to: Never Too Late by Three Days GraceEven though he plays EVE and BF2, my brother has always seemed, ah… reluctant to involve himself with the hobby of Roleplaying (Like say, Dungeons & Dragons or Munchkin), but after I sent the internet address to him about GenconOZ he seemed, well, interested in attending. He has always regarded Roleplaying as being a depth of geekiness that he is just unwilling to explore.

Gencon is basically a huge convention of geekery. Unimaginable amounts of people flock to where ever Gencon is being held, which means that people who would never usually leave their parents basements for any social event crawl out of the woodwork and spent whatever money they can find on plane tickets. A portion of these generally technologically-correct, but socially-misunderstood crowd (Usually a minority), are going to attend the Con dressed up as characters of popular films, anime or games (This practice is known as Cosplay. Personally, I would enjoy attending dressed as Tidus, but I have neither the money or patience and ingenuity needed to purchase or create such a costume.).

I’m not saying this is a bad thing. I myself are looking forward to going to GenConOZ, and I have started planning how I can attain the budget I need to get there, sleep with four walls around me (Roof optional), get in, and maybe buy a few things.
My parents pay me about $20 a fortnight to do… well, something, so if I save all my pay (Not bloody likely) from now until the begining of July (Thats when the Convention is) I will just have enough to fly there and fly back.

Which means I am going to have get a job.

Part time work during the holidays looks like the best option, but I am going to have to move onto casual work while I am at school. I have had two close encounters with employment in the past, well, actually one and a half encounters with employment. The first experience was when I helped deliver cartons of milk around Nairne. That paid 5-7 dollars per hour. Needless to say I stopped working about 2 months after I took the damn job. The second job encounter came when I applied for a job at Spotlight halfway through the year. Unforunately (Or fortunately, depending on how you see it), I was not given the job as I refused to work saturdays as it was the day I played Living Greyhawk with my group.

Anyway, must run, I am intending to go to bed early so I can get up earlier to watch Firefly 😀

Post-Blog: I had to write half this blog twice, as the WordPress engine screwed up first time around… Grrr.


~ by Kiter on January 4, 2008.

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