Back to school

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Gah, back to school tomorrow.

Its not just sad because its school, its sad because I am going back to a place I really don’t want to be. SInce I moved to Christian Brothers College at the beginning of the year, theres only really been one thing that has interested me; the IT class.

The rest of the first term can be summarised in single words; stairs (none of my lessons are on the first floor), gay (I’ve been tapped on the ass more than five times; it goes beyond friendly for me), deadlines (Most of my formative tasks get given to me a week before they are due, which means I get given 1200 word essays about four days after I start the topic) and…. loneliness.

Loneliness because I don’t really know any people there. Theres no going to peoples houses or doing anything with them because I live about 50 minutes away from anybody there. When I went to St Francis de Sales it was simple enough; if you wanted to do something with your friends you could walk there. Going to the movies? You could catch the 4:00 session if you left school at 3:30. Want to hang around the mall? Go whenever you want, it closes at 5 or later.

Another thing that factors in on the loneliness is that most of the students have known each other for ages; I don’t know anybody, I’m just that weird white kid who hangs around people.

This makes me really wish for the relativity of St Francis de Sales; I knew everybody there. Not knowing anybody at CBC makes me feel really uncomfortable. It also makes me feel uncomfortable how I’ve been at Christian Brothers College for a term, yet I am only just getting used to the layout of the school (I got lost on the way to Geography, hah). Its all back passages and weirdly placed doors.

I want to go back to St Francis.


General Update + Awesome ThinkGeek products

•April 14, 2008 • 1 Comment

Wow, its been a fair while since I last posted something 🙂

Well, heres the summarised update of what has happened in the last few weeks:

  1. School finished on friday (I didn’t fail anything 😀 I’m so proud).
  2. My computer is rooted, so I’m using my sister-in-law Kimberley’s laptop for the time being.
  3. I finally tried the real version of World of Warcraft; the guy at Electronics Boutique gave me 5 free trial discs. Is pretty awesome (I play on the Negrand server)
  4. I started going out with Lucy…. yayer!
  5. My parents got divorced :'(…. Oh well.
  6. I bought a messenger bag (picture pending) 😮 All I need now are some low-tops.

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Opening the Command Prompt at school

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Method 1: Enter the run menu and type CMD. This probably won’t work in most schools.
Method 2: Make a shortcut and type the target as either cmd or
Method 3
: Make a shortcut and point it to C:\windows\system32\ (This works on my schools computers 🙂
Method 4:
Make a text file that contains nothing but the text and save it as com.bat .

How to open the C drive at school

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To access the C: drive at school, simply double click on the accessories folder in your start menu.
This should open C:\documents and users\start menu\accessories.
Press the up folder button about four times and you should be in the root of the C drive 🙂 Have fun!

Web Firewall Bypass’s

•March 14, 2008 • 1 Comment

Copy and  paste these links into your address bar for anonymous viewing. If one doesn’t work, try another. If the address has a https:// at the begining and your school has blocked secure connections, take out the s.


Dungeons and Dragons Concept Item: Izak’s Braclet of Many-Weapon

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The idea: A gold bracelet that has several tiny weapon-shaped charms attached to it, with the weapons becoming real size when they are unclipped from the bracelet. (More weapons can be attached)

How to use it: It is an full round action to remove a weapon from the bracelet* as you need to search amongst the charms for the one you want, and then you have to un clip it and wait for it to grow to a usable size.

Weapons that are already attached: 

  • Longsword
  • Light Crowsbow
  • Dagger
  • Longspear
  • Quarterstaff

Price: 1500 GP (Large & Small sizes cost 1750 GP as the large version requires more gold and the small version requires much more craftsmanship to work on such a small scale.
Additional Costs: For extra weapons it is 50 GP for a simple weapon, 100 GP for a martial weapon, and 200 GP for any other weapon.

Interesting Blogs from the far corners of the Interwebs

•March 9, 2008 • 1 Comment

Here is some interesting blogs that I have found today that don’t really merit being on my Blogroll, but are still pretty interesting:

Socialism or your Money Back (I’m not a Red, but it is interesting to see other’s perspectives on government and how we are led)

Underground Media: Reloaded (A blog about Web 2.0, VoiP and various other internet protocols and services)

Anne Arkham (Anne stopped posting about a year ago, but her old posts are still worth reading)